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Do you want to maximize your potential enquiry rate to increase sales and grow your business? Spenz Media is trusted PPC Advertising Company in Delhi, India. We have a Pay Per Click campaigns expertise and time to make it happen for you with its state of the art PPC management services.

We invest your money wisely and strategically to help you target the right audience at the right place. Our experienced PPC management team keeps a close eye on your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and ensures that you get full value for every penny spent on paid advertising campaigns.

Pay per click services

Why PPC Matters

After trying all the organic strategies to drive traffic to the website, the only option to position the business more effectively in the online market is paid search. In today's market, Pay Per Click (PPC) has become an essential part of the digital marketing campaign. A strategically managed PPC account by the professional helps you get increased visibility with a better control on and tracking. At Spenz Media, the PPC account manager takes care of everything from account creation to keyword research, ad designing, ad copy writing, bidding, monitoring, and tracking. They ensure that your business gets desired exposure in your budget.

Google's cost per click can dramatically drop with a tactfully designed ad campaign

Getting place in the top 3 paid advertising spot enhances your chances of getting 46% more clicks

Investment on the paid ad campaigns is an easy way to get more and quick ROI

Mobile devices are today one of the most important revenue generators that make mobile ads an essential part of paid advertising

Management Process


The first step in our PPC management services is to understand your business, its goals, its USP and target audience.


Once we have an exact idea of your business, our proficient writers develop creative and unique ad copies for AdWords campaign.


We regularly track the ad campaign performance and provide you monthly reports. It helps you monitor your growth.


After observing the PPC campaign for a few weeks, we analyze the complete data to understand what is working and what's not. Based on the results, we optimize the campaign for improved performance.


Every penny you invest in PPC campaign matters a lot for you and you have complete right to know where it is going. To ensure that your money is generating results in terms of more enquiries, leads and conversions, we provide you monthly reports. Along with the conversion rate, the reports also help you find out the channels like phone, email or direct purchase.


Our conversion tracking system helps you find out the source of sales.



Tracking of number of clicks on adverts allow you to compare different adverts and their success rate.



We help you find out the CTR statistics with the monthly reports and give you clear picture of ad performance on the basis of clicks.



CPC details in the reports give you a clear picture of the money you are spending on each click.