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Content Marketing

Spenz Media is your one-stop-solution for all content marketing services in Delhi, India. We offer everything from strategy formulation to content writing, promotion, content analysis and much more to help you get noticed in the search engines.

Various studies have proven that content is still the ruling factor in digital marketing and this has increased demand high-quality content that ever. At Spenz Media, we help you leverage the power of content with our advanced and professional content marketing services. We have a team of professional content writer who provide SEO-friendly content to improve your business search visibilty in major search engine. We ensure that your target customers get the right message at the right time to make a wise purchase decision.

We ensure that, whenever a visitor lands on your site, he/she gets fresh, relevant, informative and appealing content.

content marketing

Content Marketing Strategy


Strategy Development:

The first step in the content marketing is strategy development to define a right plan of action. The steps in this process include:

  • Understanding client business and vision
  • Defining the clear goals for content program

Analytics Consulting:

After understanding the client business and defining the goals, we create an analytics account. The Google Analytics Certified team helps client in:

  • Metrics & KPI development
  • Analytics Audits

Content Marketing Training:

We don't just believe in giving results but also educate our clients. It includes content marketing training to customize the strategies as per your business needs. In this, we cover:

  • Full content marketing cycle
  • Customer curriculum for your team

Content Production


Content Creation:

The next step in the process is to create engaging content to offer value to the visitors as well as to the search engines. Our content creation services include:

  • SEO content writing
  • Website content writing
  • Copywriting

Content Management:

Stale content is more harmful for your business than beneficial. We not just post new content but also update the old content. It includes:

  • Website content maintenance
  • Regular content update
  • Content auditing

Content Promotion


Owned, Earned, & Paid Media:

We ensure that your content reaches out to the potential customers and audience at every possible media. We promote the content through:

  • Social media channels
  • Email newsletters
  • Paid channels

Organic Search Marketing:

Organic ranking is what pays you for long term. We help you generate more organic search traffic with:

  • Holistic SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Link building

Paid Media:

In the highly competitive online market with abundance of content, paid media is the only option to get noticed quickly. We present the content to the target audience through:

  • PPC
  • Local advertising
  • Paid social media campaigns

Email Marketing:

Sending emails to the prospective customers is an easy way to connect with them directly. We make the email newsletter process smooth for you by:

  • Developing initial theme
  • Featuring approved content
  • Preparing monthly reports

Social Media Marketing:

Fresh and engaging content is equally important on social media platforms. We help you manage calendars and create appealing ads for the audience on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Other channels

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